Saturday, April 22, 2017

It's Saturday!

Saturday, it's Saturday,,, speaking of being stood up. Who needs that? Haven't heard from him in a while. Wonder if he knows that I don't care. It's SATURDAY! SATURDAY! SATURDAY! Here's what Wikipedia has to say about Saturday.

Enjoy your day people. Since it's Saturday all day, make sure you have fun all day. I plan to catch up on some DVR stuff and kick back on chill out mode. It's rather dreary outside, but I don't care. It's SATURDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY!

Buck said, "Somebody, somewhere is going to bring me some food today." I know that's right because I'm not cooking. It's Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, all day today. I'm fixing to have my meals delivered.

Yup, yup, it's Saturday...

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