Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Well it's my turn to post, but if I had to post a secular video pertinent to what's going on with Mally Banks it would definitely have to be in the form of a song that get’s strait to the point. What is the point, you ask? The point is, Mally Banks is fun to be around and has a wonderful sense of humor. Any woman with vision can see that he’s tall dark eye candy (after all…aging doesn’t stop the process of noticing physical attraction). This man is intelligent and has family values, he’s faithful and has a great work ethic.

It's difficult not to notice that he’s an outgoing entrepreneur who’s willing to take the risk that comes along with being business oriented. Some have asked, “WTF is going on with you and Banks?”

Banks is a man and I must say that any man in his right mind would absolutely positively take me up on the opportunity to make it to second base (if he’s still alive). Despite the fact that I’ve gained weight, it hasn’t stopped men from making it abundantly clear that they would definitely go for it, if I was game. Here’s the kicker…I’m not. I’m not game. I’m celibate. So when guys try to put their game down, I kindly let them know that they would not love me the way they do if I was “THAT” kind of a woman.

Unfortunately, it would totally change the ambiance of the place our friendship is in. Promiscuity is never attractive in any form or shape. The promiscuous woman has many names, but she will never be referred to as the woman in Proverbs 31:10-31 (scroll to the bottom and check out the references). Instead she will be labeled as, The Whore of Babylonor better yet, that Jezebel (scroll to the bottom and check out the references).

The real bummer is the double standard that comes along with being a woman. It’s okay for men when "sowing wild oats" which implies to the behavior in young men who fritter their time away in wasteful, unproductive activities, men who indulge in sexual activities with different partners especially before the marriage.

To me, sex is sacred. Personally I don’t play, and I refuse to throw my most precious jewel up in the sky like sunshine for everyone to catch a ray. The word cougar used to refer to a large swift cat, a puma, a tennis shoe or sneaker. Today, it’s defined as a woman dating a younger man. So here’s the point, the two of us are so close that people insist we label our friendship as a brotherly or sisterly type of relationship. The truth of the matter is we are both warm-blooded Americans and have made a conscious decision to ignore anything outside of a mere friendship. I won’t lie and say the subject never came up. I think he’s handsome and he is physically attracted to me; however, we made a pact--never to ruin our bond with meaningless sex.

It would change things between us and ruin our true intimacy--the intimacy that comes along with a guilt free friendship. A friendship where I would do for Banks exactly what Missy Elliot is doing for Keisha Cole in this video. I’ll support him in the tough times and take him under my wing as I provide the much needed mentorship on how to soar to his highest potential via all that social media stuff. That being said, no we are not like brothers and sisters, but we exercised self-control and self-discipline the first time it came up and there was not so much as a kiss involved. You young folks need to learn a lesson and keep that in mind.

This secular video post is not about Banks and I, aggressively perusing each other, it’s about the life and times of Mally Banks...

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mally Banks Mood

Today was the day Banks and I planned to make his first post to the blog. Sure he's been thinking about it for the past couple of days and I've shown him options on all of the many things he can post; however, when I got confirmation on what it was he actually wanted to post I was shocked and asked him to find something else to post. As much as I would prefer to do this differently, he looked at me with this expression as if to say, "This is how I planned to express myself today. It's my turn to post." So here is Mally Banks first post...

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Ahhh! The magic of making up is a wonderful experience. That is if the relationship isn't toxic and it's actually worth fighting for. In that event here's how you can get your ex back. I found this dating video to be rather humorous. Interestingly enough some of us don't mind being single, but then again sometimes we do...